Training Umbrella is growing! Thanks to our incredible customers like you, Training Umbrella will be moving to a larger and more modern space that will allow for additional amenities for our guests including more modular and flexible rooms, additional break area amenities, client meeting room and more . Our main address will remain the same, but our suite number will change. We anticipate our new Training Umbrella space will be available in June 2016. In the meantime, we will continue to provide excellent facilities and service in our current space and our auxiliary rooms, along with all the amenities, hospitality and services you've come to expect.

Thank you for your support as we begin readying the new space and launch this summer. Look for details on our new location and a grand opening in a few months!
Questions? See if these answer everything

Are there any photos of the new space?

Not yet, but as construction kicks off we will be updating our Facebook page, LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Is construction going on in the current space you have?

No. We will not have any construction going on directly in any of our current rooms during classes. However you might notice that work is going on in other parts of the floor and we might have some additional tables or chairs in other rooms as we move things around but we are limiting the impact best we can by utilizing our auxiliary rooms and temporary space. 

Are you still in the same building?

Yes we are. We are not moving buildings and during the remodel period almost all of our clients will still be in the same building for any events they have scheduled. 

Your event might be in either a temporary space, a new space or our auxiliary rooms during the transition. There is a small portion of our client base that may be using our auxiliary training rooms in another building in the complex next to our main office building suite.

If this will impact your event you will get an email about this with all the details and guests will still be provided with all the same amenities as we always offer. If you do not have an email about your event in another building, you do not need to worry. 

Are you in the same suite?

We will be occupying both our current space and our new space during the transition period. Once all the work is done Training Umbrella will still be on the 3rd floor of building #1 but our main entrance will be at the opposite end of the hall in Suite 305. 

I really just want to make sure I get fresh baked cookies still? 

Yes. No matter what room you are in, you still get fresh baked cookies, coffee, snacks, drinks and everything we normally offer. 

Is the new space bigger?

Yes. The new space will be larger and more modular allowing us to accommodate clients needs better and will be a completely remodeled space offering more business friendly services. We will also have larger rooms, a larger break area and some additional seating in the common areas for guests. 

Will I know what room we are in before we show up? 

If you requested a specific room and you are being moved then yes. However we typically do not notify clients of the exact room they will be in, we just make sure to accommodate the request appropriately. If you asked for a specific room, in almost every case we kept your event in that room

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