Microsoft Word Training Kansas City

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Microsoft Word 2013: Basic
Topic-Level Outline
Days: 1

Unit 1: Getting started
  •  Topic A: The Word window 
  •  Topic B: New documents 
  •  Topic C: Word Help 
 Unit 2: Navigation and selection techniques
  •  Topic A: Document navigation 
  •  Topic B: Selection techniques 
 Unit 3: Editing text
  •  Topic A: Working with text 
  •  Topic B: The Undo and Redo commands 
  •  Topic C: Cutting, copying, and pasting text 
 Unit 4: Formatting text
  •  Topic A: Character formatting 
  •  Topic B: Tab settings 
  •  Topic C: Paragraph formatting 
  •  Topic D: Paragraph spacing and indents 
  •  Topic E: Automatic formatting 
 Unit 5: Tables
  •  Topic A: Creating tables 
  •  Topic B: Working with table content 
  •  Topic C: Changing table structure 
 Unit 6: Page layout
  •  Topic A: Headers and footers 
  •  Topic B: Margins 
  •  Topic C: Page breaks 
 Unit 7: Proofing and printing documents
  •  Topic A: Checking spelling and grammar 
  •  Topic B: Using AutoCorrect 
  •  Topic C: Finding and replacing text 
  •  Topic D: Printing documents 
 Unit 8: Graphics
  •  Topic A: Adding graphics
  •  Topic B: Working with graphics 

Microsoft Word 2013: Intermediate
Duration: 1 day

Unit 1: Styles and outlines
  •  Topic A: Examining formatting 
  •  Topic B: Creating styles 
  •  Topic C: Modifying styles 
  •  Topic D: Working with outlines 
 Unit 2: Sections and columns
  •  Topic A: Creating and formatting sections 
  •  Topic B: Working with columns 
 Unit 3: Formatting tables
  •  Topic A: Table formatting basics 
  •  Topic B: Borders and shading 
  •  Topic C: Table data 
  •  Topic D: Table styles 
 Unit 4: Printing labels and envelopes
  •  Topic A: Labels 
  •  Topic B: Envelopes 
 Unit 5: Templates and building blocks
  •  Topic A: Template basics 
  •  Topic B: Building blocks 
  •  Topic C: Document properties 
 Unit 6: Graphics
  •  Topic A: Creating diagrams 
  •  Topic B: Using the Drawing tools 
  •  Topic C: Formatting text graphically 
 Unit 7: Managing document revisions
  •  Topic A: Tracking changes  
  •  Topic B: Working with comments 
 Unit 8: Web features
  •  Topic A: Web pages 
  •  Topic B: Hyperlinks 

Microsoft Word 2013: Advanced
Duration: 1 day

Mail merge, forms, record and run macros, customize toolbar, work with long documents (table of contents, Indexes, cross-references).

Students will also learn how to track revisions, use comments, and create master documents.

Course outline
  • Lesson 1: Working with Comments and Revision 
  • Enabling Change Tracking 
  • Setting Tracking Options 
  • Inserting Comments 
  • Managing Comments 
  • Viewing Comments 
  • Comparing and Merging Documents 
  • Simple Mark-up 
  • Accepting/Rejecting Changes 
  • Printing Mark-up 
Lesson 2: Using Mail Merge
  • Mail Merge Wizard 
  • Identifying the Main Document 
  • Creating a Recipient List 
  • Inserting Merge Fields 
  • Attaching the Data Source 
  • Merging the Document 
  • Sending Emails 
Lesson 3 : Merging Mailing Labels
  • Mail Merge Wizard 
  • Creating a Document 
  • Attaching the Data Source 
  • Merging the Document 
Lesson 4: Sorting Table Data
  • Designing a Table to be Sorted 
  • Sorting the Table Alphabetically/Numerically 
LESSON 5: Using Formulae in Tables
  • Creating a Formulae in a Table Cell 
  • Using a Function and a Table Cell 
  • Displaying Field Codes 
  • Recalculating Formulas 
Lesson 6: Working With Lists
  • Customising Lists 
  • Resetting Lists 
  • Using List Styles 
  • Sorting a List 
Lesson 7: Using Macros
  • Displaying the Developer Tab 
  • Recording Macros 
  • Running a Macro 
  • Editing Macros 
  • Adding a Macro to the QAT/Ribbon 
  • Organising Macro Projects 
Lesson 8: Protecting a Document
  • Opening the Protect Document Button 
  • Restricting Document Formatting 
  • Restricting Document Editing 
  • Creating Restriction Exceptions 
Lesson 9: Using Forms
  • Creating a Form 
  • Saving a Form as a Template 
  • Setting Properties for Controls 
  • Protecting a Form 
  • Printing a Form 
Lesson 10: Creating a Table of Content
  • Using a Table of Content 
  • Generating a Table of Content 
  • Using Styles 
  • Inserting TC Fields 
  • Using Outline Levels 
Lesson 12: Creating an Index
  • Using an Index 
  • Creating Main Index Entries 
  • Sub Entries 
  • Cross Referencing 
  • Generating an index 
Lesson 12: Creating Captions
  • Inserting a Caption 
  • Inserting a Table of Figures 
  • Updating a Table of Figures 
  • Inserting a Cross Reference 
Lesson 13: Using Bookmarks
  • Creating Bookmarks 
  • Going to Bookmarks 
  • Cross-Referencing to a Bookmark 
Lesson 14: Using Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Inserting Notes 
  • Viewing Notes 
  • Deleting Notes 
Lesson 15: Using Outline View
  • Creating an Outline 
  • Working in Outline View 
  • Numbering Outline Levels 
Lesson 16: Creating Master Documents
  • Using Master Document 
  • Inserting Sub-documents 
  • Unlinking Sub-documents 
  • Locking Sub-documents 
  • Opening Sub-documents

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