Hiring event rooms in Kansas City

Break area at Training Umbrella, company meeting room rentals
Break area at Training Umbrella, company meeting room rentals
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Hiring in the Kansas City  area? Training Umbrella can help facilitate your hiring event from the initial planning to new employee orientation, and beyond. 

Right off of highways 435 and I35, Training Umbrella is centrally located to bring in potential new employees from all corners of the metro. 

With several hundred parking spaces and ample rooms and computers, Training Umbrella has the means to streamline any crowd to help you find the perfect candidates for your open positions.

Let Us Help 

Training Umbrella can go beyond just offering you a venue. We want to make sure you have a successful hiring event that makes your want to come back for all of your room rental needs. 

To help the success of your event, we can help you plan out your rooms, provide marketing through several local channels, and even provide and facilitate drug screenings as needed. Training Umbrella will also help manage and direct traffic throughout the event.  

Pricing can vary depending on your needs.  For an estimate of cost for your event, email us at hello@trainingumbrella.com or call us at  913-438-3400.
Our multipurpose rooms turn Training Umbrella’s rooms into your rooms. Each of our 5 available work-spaces can be tailored to fit your needs.  

Computer Application Rooms: 
 Training Umbrella can offer up to 120 machines to allow candidates to fill out applications for open positions. With high speed fiber-optic connections to all rooms, gigabit network, and free WIFI connection, this step in your process will will be virtually stress free. Computer application rooms are set up with plenty of space so that current employees helping with the hiring event may roam and help candidates with their applications and answer any questions they may have.

Holding Rooms: 
Candidates who finish their applications may need a space to sit in between the application and interview steps of the process. Holding rooms help potential new employees relax and refocus in order to present themselves the best they can to your interviewers.

Interview Rooms: 
 Interviews can be one of the most important steps in the process of hiring new employees. Our interview style rooms are set up in order to give you and your interviewee privacy during this integral part of finding new employees.

Break Rooms: 
 Working a hiring event can be a long and strenuous activity for your employees. To ensure you and your team can power through the entire day, we have two break rooms to keep you refreshed and energetic throughout the entire event.

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