Help us not use water bottles

Free water at Training Umbrella

 Training Umbrella offers our clients free soda, water, fresh baked cookies snacks and more. However Training Umbrella clients threw away over 85,000+ empty plastic bottles last year. Yes we recycle, but more than half of those bottles never made it in the recycling bin.

Starting this year Training Umbrella will be providing a free flip top reusable water bottle for each student on their first day of class. They get to keep this bottle and take it home and use throughout there training course. 

How do the water bottles get refilled? A Hinckley Springs purified hot and cold filtered water dispenser is available at our training center in Overland Park, KS where you and your guests can refill the water bottle throughout the day saving the environment 1000's of empty water bottles a week.

Will you still have water bottles? Yes. For now we will still have some bottled water but we encourage you and your guests to use the provided water bottle and fill it up with clean purified. water. 


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